Austro Control SDI provides spatial data by means of metadata for searching, maps for viewing and in some cases also downloads for external usage. Currently some selected aeronautical data as well as charts published in the AIP Austria are provided on a daily basis.

Data may be accessed via two different web based applications:

Get services, downloads & metadata
GeoNetwork provides INSPIRE compliant information (metadata) about charts and data available in the ACG SDI. It furthermore provides standardized interfaces (WMS or WFS) and download options (e.g. shapefile) for those who need to integrate data into external systems. Data may be filtered by a search function and visualised textually or via an integrated map viewer.
View data & predefined charts
MapStore provides available charts and data as preconfigured layers and maps. The content can be switched on and off and various background layers (Open Street Map or Google Maps) may be added. It’s also possible to request attribute data (e.g. airspace limits, frequencies, etc.) of the selected features. The Map Client is meant for easy display of charts and geographical information, where you can also add your own data via KML or GPX and add information via annotation functions.